About Us

Handover Moving Logistics is an Oklahoma City-based moving firm. Our commitment to exceptional customer service and high-quality moving services has made us the area’s go-to choice for all local and long-distance moves.

Our Mission

We think that the best approach to getting great outcomes is to cultivate excellent connections. Handover Moving Logistics goal is straightforward: we are here to meet and help people in the broader Oklahoma City region and other area. That is why we try not only to deliver the most professional, inexpensive, and personalized moving service possible but also to create and grow connections with individuals in our community. We think that a company founded on honesty, integrity, and genuine care for the well-being of people will survive the test of time.

Respected Employees = Satisfied Customers

My experience as a mover and now as the owner of a moving business has given me a unique understanding of both our workers’ and clients’ views. One thing is certain: delighted consumers are the result of happy, hardworking personnel. That is why we endeavor to maintain a good work environment and a low overhead system in order to pass on savings to both our clients and staff.

Handover Moving Logistics costs far less than our bigger rivals, and our movers are well-trained, athletic, and trustworthy. Our movers are all paid between $19 and $25 per hour, plus gratuities. This allows us to attract and retain outstanding staff throughout time, allowing us to deliver unmatched service to the community at a lower cost. We are dedicated to developing a company that serves and grows the local community while offering the greatest degree of professionalism and customer satisfaction.